Gemotiveerde, enthousiaste, gekwalificeerde medewerkster

Looking for qualified and motivated personnel?

In this case, you’ve come to the right place. ForeignFlex has more than 30 years of experience in recruitment & selection on the Dutch market. We have an extensive national pool of temporary employees which ensures that we are always able to offer a customised solution for your staffing issues. We are used to facilitate in flexible labour needs for our Commissioning Parties. Whether it is for short or long term, and concerns several or large amounts of workforce, ForeignFlex is always able to respond swiftly.

Through collaboration with sister companies such as Werkpool and Teqwork, we can deploy even more flexible staff, from various industries. Briefly: if you have a labour need, please contact our offices and we’ll ensure you a suitable solution.

The right people

Our temporary employees are screened based on their CV, after which we select the candidates on specific experience. The actual abilities of the candidates are established in a job application interview. We use our years of experience to find the right match. The development of our employees is paramount in this. Obviously, this also means that our employees master the Dutch language. A standard part of our support process is to offer Dutch language courses. We also ensure that any instruction relevant for your position is available in English or Polish.

Caring for our employees

Personal guidance for our people is our key to success. We offer support in their profession as well as in their private lives, with the objective to educate, qualify, motivate and satisfy. For example, we provide excellent quality accommodation and we support our employees when performing administrative duties.
Each temporary worker can reach our consultants 24/7 for help in medical matters, filling in forms or attending trainings. For example, we act as interpreters when visiting a GP and we give our people the chance to learn the Dutch language and to follow courses. At the work place, we go the extra mile to keep the best people for us. Clear contracts, clear instructions and always a consultant accessible for questions and support.


If you bring people to the Netherlands to work for you, firstly, this means that you must ensure good accommodation. Therefore, we work closely with a specialist; our sister organisation, Logejo. This organisation is SNF certified. All locations comply, at least, with the norm, for instance, the short-stay accommodation in Boskoop. This housing location includes, among other things, independent 4-person studios with modern furnishing, a fitness room, a classroom and a canteen.
Logejo is an organisation with a great operational power. Thus, they can provide new accommodation sites throughout the country by means of real estate transformation and new construction. In addition to accommodation, ForeignFlex also provides commuter transport for temporary employees.

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