Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register at ForeignFlex?
On business days during office hours, you can make an appointment with one of our consultants. They will schedule an intake interview with you to register. You can also register digitally: if you fill in the registration form on the website, we will contact you as soon as possible.

How does the procedure proceeds after registration?
After you have registered, we’ll look for a suitable vacancy. We will take your work history, experience, education and wishes into account. If we’ve found a suitable vacancy, we will contact you. In addition, we’ll invite you for an intake interview, and possibly even an interview with the Commissioning Party. By mutual interest, further agreements are made regarding the employment contract.

Where will I be working?
ForeignFlex has many different Commissioning Parties. For you, we search for a company that matches your work experience, education, wishes and ambitions. Hence, we’ll find a company that fits you best.

What employment conditions should I expect?
At ForeignFlex, you’ll get a temporary employment agreement with competitive employment conditions. First of all, we look what Collective Labour Agreement regulates the industry you’ll work in, after which you will be remunerated in accordance this Collective Labour Agreement. In addition, you will weekly accrue holiday allowance and leave days.

How much will I earn?
How much you will earn depends on several things. The work that you will be doing, but also your age and previous experience play a role for calculating the monthly salary. Before you start, we make clear arrangements with you.

When will I be paid and will I receive my pay slip?
Your salary will be paid weekly on Friday. Some banks deposit the salary into your account on the same day. For other banks, this happens on the Monday after.

How about my healthcare insurance?
ForeignFlex has a collective healthcare insurance for its temporary employees that covers all basic provisions. You do not have to take on this insurance policy if you start working for ForeignFlex, but, in that case, you must submit your existing policy to us.

What are the possibilities for training at ForeignFlex?
We believe in satisfied and qualified personnel. Where necessary or desirable, we offer training and courses to optimise your development in the work field.

When are outstanding reservations paid out after termination of employment?
If no right to factual wage is acquired in 6 weeks (in other words, if no remuneration has taken place in 6 weeks), any unpaid out reservations well be paid out automatically.